So today I got the prod. schedule for Rusalka, the Czech Opera, sent to me via e-mail. I was suddenly hit by a wave of emotions. I really can’t understand how I feel right now. I feel so excited about the next few months of rehearsals and performances. It’s my first ever production as a voice major, and simultaneously my first ever opera solo. I can’t lie; I do feel a bit of pressure.

At the same time, seeing how much time it’ll take up overwhelms me. I mean, I knew the rehearsals would take a lot of time but now I finally have the specifics. Now it feels more concrete to me. Actually, before I got the sheet music and the prod schedule, I was still in a sort of gotta-see-it-to-believe-it mindset. But now seeing it on the boxes in my planner, seeing all the e-mails and the sheet music, It feels so real to me.

I honestly feel like panicking, and backing out. First time jitters, I guess. But I resolve from today until the end of the prod. to just enjoy every exhausting, exhilarating  minute of it.


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